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This word has many uses...
1. In reference to the "scrotal area."
2. A nickname for a friend.
3. A name for someone you don't know.
4. Instead of a word such as "shit" or "damn" when in an uncomfortable situation.
5. As a random word to yell out of a car window while driving by someone walking on the sidewalk.
6. In a state of shock.
7. In response to a question you don't want to answer.
8. As a put-down to someone (calling them a ballsack).
9. As a comeback.
1. "DUDE! That girl just nailed him in the ballsack with that brick!"
2. "Hey Ballsack! How are you!?"
3. "Who is that ballsack over there?"
4. "BALLSACK! I wet my pants!"
5. ... "BALLSACK!!!!!"
6. "Holy BALLSACK!"
7. "Oh..um...ballsack."
8. "Dude, you're such a ballsack."
9. "Eat a ballsack."
by Karlie April 12, 2004
Black Australian Person.

Means 'people' in their native language. They took this word because they didnt like the European word 'Aborigine' as it had been forced on them.
"I prefer to identify myself as a Koori rather than an Aborigine"
by Karlie October 06, 2004
ok not all fucking preppy people are as snobby has yall think the only reason we act like that is bc yall catogorzie us and ok we're deffy not sluty and we dont always wear abercrombie and fitch....and yeah im a prep and the majority of my friends are to...soo if you have anything to say about me just IM me on AIM iixiibr0keniixii
...soo if you have anything to say about me just IM me on AIM iixiibr0keniixii
by karlie April 21, 2004
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