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parole taken when you break out of jail.
"howd u get out?"
"Jack rabbit parole"
by Kansas April 08, 2005
really really big...like HUGE big...
Kansas says, "Damn, Lisa's ass is gigantren!"
by kansas March 19, 2005
When someone smokes so much its like he is a fish. If you live with someone like this ou live in a Fish Tank.
My friend Jerry is such a trout, he just sits and hits his Mr. Big allll day and night.
by Kansas April 05, 2005
the lit part of a spliff, weed joints have a red burner, coke spliffs have a black burner
"im so fucked up, i smoked myself a spliff" what color was the burner? "black" that was coke u dumb fuck.
by Kansas April 08, 2005

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