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A small piece of food, as in a single piece of corn. Also, most commonly known as a single piece of corn.
While eating corn on the cob, one of the kernels fell and I was told that I had a corn niblet on my shirt.
by kagomeshuko April 06, 2008
A person who knows many things about the church they attend, different churches, the liturgical year, or any of mix of the previous things.
That girl is always reading her Bible or preparing or studying some type of religious lesson! She's such a church nerd!
by kagomeshuko December 23, 2005

Simply the word "scary" said in a cute way or by a little kid. Sometimes used sarcasticly.
Oooh, that roller coaster ride was scawy.
by kagomeshuko October 09, 2006
To make somebody not gay; to turn somebody who may have been turned homosexual back to being a heterosexual.
Since Dr. James Dobson thinks homosexuality is such a sin, he proposes that we all try to reheterize people through counselling.
by kagomeshuko August 27, 2007
The energy that a puppy has. Also, any time an older dog gets a puppy-like burst of energy.
My dog is only three years old. I have to take him out to play because he has so much puppergy!
by kagomeshuko July 06, 2008
The user name of one of the UrbanDictionary editors. The name is Japanese for "an idea of everlasting light."
KagomeShuko has defined at least 10 words at UrbanDictionary and approved many more.
by kagomeshuko August 10, 2008
1. small
2. a way of laughing
1. Wow, that's a hengh guitar. That dog is hengh; he fits in my hand!

2. M: We need props for this song. Give me props.
G: You're a good guitar player.
M: Thanks for the props! Hengh!
by kagomeshuko December 23, 2005

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