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Deflector Defense- when one cannot provide a good reason for not participating in an activity that they have to turn it around and deflect blame where it does not belong. This is generally done in effort to move the attention away from the issue at hand and put it on someone else.

"Stephanie is putting up her deflector defense again to avoid why she will really not attend Girls Night Out".

"Uh oh, here comes Stephanie's deflector defense again. Let's be prepared Kathy!"

"Stephanie always uses a deflector defense when she has lame excuses for not doing something."
by KLee123 March 20, 2009
One who is addicted to online sites like Facebook, Myspace, online trading, and pushes these sites to their friends in an effort to also get them hooked. Like a drug dealer pushing drugs to their victims.
My friend keeps cyber pushing Facebook and online trading to me and won't stop until I join.
by KLee123 March 10, 2009

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