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Casual sex, usually with a friend or other person that requires no commitment to anything more than having a good time.
Sport fucking is extremely popular on college campuses, especially at frat parties.

Me and Tyrell only sport fucked to pass the time- we knew there wuz no future in it and that wuz cool.
by kitty September 26, 2004
to kiss or take part in touching, referring to two people who are not dating or have just started dating
Nikki will get with Brendt at the skatium and then two days later he will ask her out.
by Kitty March 24, 2004
to be broken down
My computer was on the fritz last night.
by Kitty October 15, 2003
putting down
he was dissing on my mom when he called her fat
by kitty February 24, 2004
a fine, delicious ass
Goodness Gracious, Lord All Mighty, THAT GIRL GOT A BAH-DONK-A-DONK!
by kitty August 17, 2003
ditzy is basically what i am, its when you act innocent and dumb at the same time, being ditzy makes people think your really stupid and because of this they sometimes talk to you like you're a five year old as they think you wont understand if they say something in "grown up terms" (which in my case is probably true)

sometimes being ditzy is good because you can get away with things :)
Awwww she doesnt understand, probably because shes so ditzy....

or gosh, katie, stop being such a ditz!!
by kitty February 28, 2004
make you feel very relaxed. Best when mixed with alcohol.
Let's buy some Klonopins & drink this wine & get tore up.
by Kitty January 26, 2005

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