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n., a side effect of being hungry or craving food, similar to growlies or the munchies. derived from winnie the pooh's phrase, 'there's a rumbly in my tumbly.'
I've got mad tummy rumblies; can you pass me the chips?
by Kitteh May 08, 2005
1. To be high enough that your mental and motor skills are significantly impaired; punished, crunished, fuuucked up, etc. in a drug-induced sense.
2. Having been severely beaten up.
'Damn, she just got pieced off one bong hit!'
'Shit man, that angry mob with baseball bats just pieced your ass.'
by Kitteh May 07, 2005
Aroused to the point of being overcome with naughty thoughts.
Stop licking my earlobe; you're making me all rawrish.
by Kitteh March 05, 2005
the string of a tampon.

usually referred to when a female is extremely irritated and known to be close to her period.
girl: AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

some person: Who lit the fuse on her tampon?
by Kitteh April 28, 2005
Straight, as in perfectly alright, okay, etc.
Can I come over?
Yeah, it's strizzle. My parents aren't home.
by Kitteh March 05, 2005
a description for a person who looks like or acts like a queer hat
you're such a faghat
by kitteh December 26, 2002
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