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nasty fat white trash girl who dresses like shes britney spears but shes got a gut (or GUNT).
Yeah Allison is a total Britney Beers, I'd bang her though.
by KFED April 17, 2006
when you got 'the clap' so bad u cant sit down.
nigga fucked Lateesha now he gettin a standing ovation. respect!
by KFED April 17, 2006
In the pimp business, it is the first ho you recruit to work the streets.
Oh shiiiet daddys little salad fork got us all the WHITESTAR!!!!
by KFED April 17, 2006
Really tight speedos worn by (generally Italian) males.
Dude, peep that hoagie crusher! Yo i got next on the waterslide!
by KFED April 17, 2006
Someone who ingests a large amount of ketamine is referred to as 'kfed'. also; Britney Spears' husband.
Sup with Kris? Oh that nigga straight kfed dogg!!!!
by KFED April 17, 2006
Incredibly potent weed generally produced in British Columbia or Northern California.
Gimmie a hit of some of that sweet tokaine bro!
by KFED April 17, 2006
A veiled reference to the act of snorting cocaine.
Yo you wanna go do some cardio?
by KFED April 17, 2006
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