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A beard slap is the slapping of another person with large amounts of concussive force, resulting in the formation of a beard. It is both the worst and best thing you could do for a person.
Person 1: "You are completely wrong I couldn't disagr-"

Person 2: -BEARD SLAP-

Person 1: "...Actually..."
by KEEXNAN November 06, 2008
Joint Task Force 2 is a Canadian Special Operations unit responsible for federal counter-terrorism. It was formed in 1993 when the Canadian Forces took control of federal counter-terrorism. JTF2's mission is to resolve potential incidents that could effect Canada's national security.

Even though the unit's primary function is counter-terrorism its role has expanded to fullfill more conventional jobs likened to the British SAS and United States Delta Force.
American: Canada has special forces!?!?!

Canadian: Yep, Joint Task Force 2, it's just not as publicized.

American: God damn, what next!? Canada having a Wal-mart! HA!
by KEEXNAN January 21, 2008
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