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when a womans or mans breast's appear to become large tubesocks filled with warm oatmeal.
My grandmother's vagina reeks of mustard and she has some of the worst saggy tits this side of the mississippi...you should bang her.
by KBRADODD March 26, 2008
a rather large beastly woman of a bitch with large unattractive hairy tits and moldy frisbee like nipples
That bitch was so nasty, did you see her arangatang tits? She looked like rosie odonnell's lesbian sasquatch sister.
by KBRADODD March 26, 2008
An individual who has transcended the status of a "douche bag" or a "douche nozzle". By saying that someone has "douche bag lips" implies that they enjoy catching the douche runoff that the "douche nozzle" would normally collect.
The guy you work with who asks you to smell his fingers after he fingered a chick the night before is a "douche bag lips" Or the guy that hits on other peoples wives at parties that you are attending is a gigantic "douche bag lips"
by KBRADODD March 26, 2008

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