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3 definitions by KB83

a term used to describe a woman when the word cunt used alone is not offensive enough
Kim is a fuckin' cunt-slit
by KB83 February 20, 2010
(noun) A vagart or queef released while peeing
Carol, that was intense weef. It sounded like your labia was giving the toilet applause.

past tense: Nancy just weefed hardcore! did you hear it? she must've made waves in the toilet water
by KB83 April 02, 2010
Bort; noun;

A Vajart, or Queef, released upon any plastic, leather, or leather like surface, such as vinyl, resulting in a deep, vibrating, & often multi-tonal sound. The sound is often amplified on a particularly hot & humid summer day
example: Kathy just squeezed a ripe bort on my brand new leather sofa. I won't be inviting her to my next book club meeting.

past tense: Linda borted on my brand new leather sofa
by KB83 May 15, 2010