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A portmanteau combining the words Coefficient of Friction. It is popularly used with university students studying physics.
It was first discovered at the University of Regina, by an undergraduate physics education student.
The kinetic coeffrictiont of nickel is 0.53.
#coeffrictiont #coefrictiont #coefficient of friction #friction #coefficient of static friction #coefficient of kinetic friction
by K.E. McIver March 27, 2007
A blend of the two words "square" and "area". Rather than saying the squared area, one can just say, "squarea".
Brought into use by a University of Saskatchewan masters student in the Faculty of Engineering.
I must find the squarea in order to solve this problem.
#squared area #area squared #area of a square #squaarea #skwarea
by K.E. McIver March 27, 2007
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