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Drop-kicking a potential "baby-mama" down the stairs.
Keisha: "I ain't had no puriod yet, so you gon haf to take me to da woman clinic to get anotha abortion."

Terell: "That place is fo' rich-ass white folks! I'm takin you to tha Ghetto Abortion clinic!"

Keisha: "Where that is?"

(Terell leaps five feet in the air, delivers a swift kick to Keisha's forehead, which sends her down five flights of stairs)

Terell: "Aww, snap
by jvarna5 January 30, 2008
The guy who repeatedly calls and emails you to come to Dianetics office to take a personality test. Really, it's just another way to convince you to buy more scientology crap.
Jon: "I honestly don't want to be a scientologist."

Greg: "Ha, HA, HA, ha...I knew you would say that.That's why I want you to purchase this workbook from Ron, it explains exactly how you are feeling right now."

Jon: "Tom Cruise is gay."

Greg: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Jon: "Ha, got rid of that scientology salesman."
by jvarna5 February 01, 2008
Phrase that Italian Mafia members use frequently when someone is giving them a hard time.
Joey "the fag" Calzone: "Hey Jimmy, stop breaking my balls, will ya!!!

Jimmy "Dingleberry" Dinello: "Yo Jimmy, I'll be breakin ya face is yous don't shut da hell up! Look at this guy!"
by jvarna5 January 28, 2008
Any combination of readily available ingredients stirred together in a pot or used soup-can over an open fire. Ingredients can include: Pigeons, fecal matter, babies, dogs, grass, fingers.

Best served with a vintage Merlot, but toilet wine will suffice.
Crazy Homeless man: "A dead hooker, three mice, and a used condom? Oh, it's Hobo Chili time!"
by jvarna5 January 30, 2008
A sorority girl who is the mentor of a new sorority (statistic) member. New members zealously love their "big sis", and they usually proclaim their love by window-chalking "I LUV MY BIG SIS!!!" all over their car.
New sorority girl: "I love my big sis!! I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her..."

New sorority girl's boyfriend: "Uhhh..."
by jvarna5 January 28, 2008
The Butt Gorilla is a nocturnal primate who climbs into young boy's windows at nite, and commences to have butt-secks with them. His voice sounds eerily like...your Dad's.
Boy: "Dad, I had a nightmare that a man in a gorilla suit humped my butt. And it really hurts!"

Dad (With a twinkle in his eye): "Oh, that ol Butt Gorilla must've visited you last night! Now hurry up and put this dress on!"
by jvarna5 January 30, 2008
The look of crackheads after they have just gotten their "fix." Usually accompanied with red lips. And they mumble a lot.
Crackhead: "Humm, mumm,hmmm... you got...some change?"

Me: "Stop giving me the crackhead stare!!" (Punches crackhead's teeth out)

Crackhead: "Bluuhhh, huuuhhh....I'll sell you these teeth..."
by jvarna5 January 29, 2008

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