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3 definitions by Juzzers

Fully of fruity goodness like a melon. Shweet and tasty like the air while kneeling downwind from a fit girl's poot. The sensation of having an unexpectedly nang strawberry sheep under your tongue.
She used to drive me insane, but her toot-toot was soooo frrroop!
by Juzzers June 02, 2006
A feeling of endless mediocraty and disappointment experienced intensely by Solpsists whilst wishing the world was a bit more nang.
I gazed wistfully into my underpants and felt very spong. 'That is just not nang' I thought.
by Juzzers June 01, 2006
An expression of utter poot. The theory that an event can surpass spong. The private parts of Kelly Brook.
When I saw the scale of the destruction, I just thought "nang me, no spiv could have done this"!
by Juzzers April 11, 2006