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A flashy, slick operator who makes a living more from speculation or profiteering than from actual work. The kind of guy who wears a shiny medallion, goes bankrupt from a dodgy swampland development scheme, but still has a big house in his wife's name.
This real estate boom is a spiv's paradise.
by coljac October 06, 2005
an ancient chav trying to make you buy something either that you don't want or something that is in short supply. Associated with showy dressing habits, shiny suits and inappropriate hats, etc. Romany word from the word 'spuvel' to push
he dresses like a spiv
by klidenengro February 13, 2004
Slang term for those who avoided conscription in the first world war. Usually by lying about their physical condition or personal beleifs
"did you see gary yesterday? he told the conscription officer he was afraid of loud noises but I found him at the shooting range firing the shotguns with no earmuffs on. He is such a spiv."
by The_Taxidermist June 26, 2005
a chav, someone who walks like they have been shot in the knee, and it always seems to be the left one.
spivs normally hang around in large groups because they are pussys who cant look after themselves unless they are with their mates
quoted from the libertines song "what a waster".
"what a divvy, what a fucking div, talking like a moron, walking like a spiv"
by Drew Peacock and Dan Gleebles April 06, 2005
A 'Spiv' is the name generally given to a shady character who may try to sell counterfeit objects to you at a discounted price.

In the Balgowlah Boys' Campus, however, Spiv is more commonly known as the biggest and most hardout frother on the face of the earth, Ancient History/English teacher Mr. Ian James.

Legend as to how he got his name is that apparently one day back in yesteryear, his Year 12 class were bludging and not doing the amount of work Mr. James had come to expect of them, so he simply called them 'a bunch of Spivs'. Apparently this joke had backfired, with his entire Year 12 class turning on their teacher and calling him 'Spiv'.

Ever since then, this name has survived the passage of time and has stuck to the teacher like a Redskin to a 7-year-old retarded boy's palate (roof of mouth for those of you playing at home).

Spiv is one of the most renowned dwellers of Bally Boys, and he himself has come to epitomize the true nature of Bally Pride. He is also famous for spawning the term "Dodgy!" after his 2008 Year 12 Ancient History class asked him if they could watch the film 300, to which he replied "More like 300 Dodgies!", a claim that the film didn't stick to the facts of history.

He is renowned for calling boys "Dodgy!" if they perform something slightly left-field, if they don't hand in assessments, or if Spiv just bloody well feels like calling someone "Dodgy!".

Rumour has it (started by Dr. Joshua Risbey, MD, PhD, Dr. Paul 'Sparta' Barta, Phd, PhDSCPF, and Awww Shot M) that Spiv also indulges in the banging of a certain Smoh Ah creature that is often found to be lurking G Block of Bally Boys Campus.
Spiv: Dodgy, mate, just dodgy.

Boy: Oi Spiv can we crank on 300 and froth hard?
Spiv: Ey, ey, I'll have none of that boys, more like 300 Dodgies, eh eh!

Boy: Oi Spiv you've been out back banging Smoh Ah again, haven't you?
Spiv: (bewildered) Who's Smoh Ah?
*Smoh Ah walks in the door*
Dr. Joshua Risbey MD, PhD: AWWWWWWW SMOH AH!

Spiv: Eh boys, just keep doing your work and stop being dodgy, I'm off to putt some golf-balls!
by M Leonidas August 29, 2009
An offensive word used to decrcibe a person that acts in same persona as a someone with mental disabilities.
'Would you stop being such a fucking spiv?'

'You SPIV!'
by CheeseonJames January 27, 2009
a loser, bit of an idiot
oh my god...look at him...he is such a spiv!
by tiddles June 01, 2005
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