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Excessively organized. The result of allowing someone with obsessive compulsive disorder to organize an event, physical area, or data list. Objects are organized at right angles to eachother, items are missing due to "being put away" and like objects are grouped, sometime alphabetically.

Origin: from the OCD character, Bree Vandecamp on Desperate Housewives.
I was working on a project, using several different items and tools. I went to the bathroom for 2 minutes and my co-worker had vandecamped the entire area.
by JustMeMan May 13, 2006
Metaphoric in nature, a hydroponic heart is found in a cold, uncaring, indifferent person. Hydroponic refers to somewhat sterile, artificial growing conditions, such as hydroponic crops.

Originally coined by Shakira, a Columbian pop singer.
This relationship is over, I need some caring, loving and emotion in my life, not you and your hydroponic heart.
by JustMeMan May 13, 2006
n, (prin-sess poo-teen)
An older, oblivious, French-Canadian scatter-brained female in authority (such as a manager, teacher, CEO) who has a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and is overtly overweight and disproportionate.

Comes from: princess and poutine
I come in Monday morning, tired from working all weekend, and there she is, eating her donut in the hallway. I say "Hello" and PRINCESS POUTINE has the audacity to say "Good afternoon, you look well rested." I wanted to slap her pancake ass into next week.
by JustMeMan May 13, 2006
A party, or get together, that includes at least 1 plastic surgeon, 1 gay male and 1 woman who's had several cosmetic surgeries.
I was fretting because I had this plastic party to go to on Friday night and I had no idea what to wear.
by JustMeMan May 13, 2006

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