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A JuGgAlO is a down ass mafucko- an underground family so to speak. They are looked at as menace to society- but really shouldnt be~ their ppl like u n me.. its just that juggalos have a wider horizon of thinking and expression.. when looked down on by society and u have no one to turn to- turn on some W-I-C-K-I-D shit by ICP or TWIZTID and see if that crazy ass muzik dont make u feel better? And there is so much more.. just listen and if u get it u get it, if not then stop hatin! FTFO!!!! Juggalos are the only people who can walk down the street n see someone reppin some JRB shit n walk up n say whats up without lookin weird! Cuz they got it like dat- they all show eachother madd love n help when they can! A juggalo can identify a fellow juggalo by the hatchet man chain or clothing- or a simple "WHOOP WHOOP". A real juggalo/ette hates when someone claims to be down with tha clown- just to fit in.. U aint gotta front- they accept all!!! And if u like the muzik a lil.. keep listenin- u will soon love it n become a down ass NinJa!!
Think of how bikers run n ride with eachother- if u fuck with one u fuck with all.. basically, u dont fuck with them.. so dont fuck with a juggalo!
by Juicygirl_2009 February 04, 2010
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