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N'arsed is short for Not Arsed!

A person using the word "N'arsed" are usually that not arsed that they can’t even be bothered to pronounce two words so it comes out "N'arsed"
Andy - Scotty mate, why did you just put that window through on a building we always socialise in?

Scotty - N'arsed!
by JuiceBox23 May 13, 2009
This is more colourful name for sore/damaged testicles!
James - Why you holding your nuts?

John - Ive got Southern Fried Conkers!

James - Oooh what happened?

John - Sarah found out about me cheating and kicked me in them.
by JuiceBox23 May 14, 2009
A Spud Juggler is someone who is always playing with testicles, this also implies that they are having sex with men!

It can be aimed at both males and females!
Ash- Remember that James from high school?

Andy - Yeah! He was a right Spud Juggler him...


Ash - I always see Gemma with different men!

Scott - Yeah me too, she is a right Spud Juggler!
by JuiceBox23 May 14, 2009

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