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London slang.
1) someone strong- looking, or muscular. Specifically appearance DO NOT get confused with if they be strong, but don't look it.
2) someone you wouldnt wanna mess with
3) huge
1) to hench: to muscle someone out, push them aside, beat them in a fight.
"look at that bodyguard, he's so fuckin hench"
"that car is hench. you could fit Pavarotti in there"
you push someone out of a queue to get to the front and they do shit about it.
"man got henched! shame!"
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
the most evil and destructive force known to man.
politics has and will always hurt more people than it helps.
by Judge Fudge August 12, 2006
London slang.
1) out of order; to do an unjust act or for somehing unfair to happen to someone
2) extremely annoying
dude a) someone's jacked my cd player.
dude b) such fuckriez, man
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
truth which has been edited to suit the taste of the majority. aka 'majority truth'. Spawned by the popularity of user-edited sites such as wikipedia, wherein users can edit history as they please, the information remaining so long as others agree with them. consequently historical truth is altered to form 'wikitruth'.
wikitruth will result in a world where nobody knows the facts.
by Judge Fudge August 12, 2006
London slang. especially north/east side (eg finsbury)
1) anything large
2) someone who is both hench and also wide/ fat, making them even stronger
1): chek the toncness of my zut bro!
: trudat bruv
2): my lodger be so tonc he cant fit thru the doorways. he rock any sketchy mens be chirpsin on my sis
by Judge Fudge December 29, 2004
London slang. as in 'come we go'. you wana initiate a fight, or expressing a severe disagreement with something that your willing to strongly argue over.
1): gimme your fone blad
: fuck you, get lost
: cumwego!
2) :you know that tottenham are so shit now
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
London slang north/east sides (finsbury, edmonton
v. 'to bump'
1) 'to bump off somebody' is to beg shit off them
2) noun: 'bump' a glitch, sutin unfavourable that happens to you
3) noun: 'a bump' when you paid extra for sutin you didn't have to
1): bruv, send me the zut agen aigght?
: stop tryna bump it off me, bitch-ho
2): naw bro, thats such a bump! that man jus scored when Kiraly's injured down on the floor!
3): that hoody's top bro init! i got it 30£
: fuck that, thats such a bump, i got it 50 !
by Judge Fudge January 01, 2005

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