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Gross and nasty
"Girls don't fart, only skeevy stoners fart." Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back
by Jru August 17, 2003
playa, pimp
like playa but spelled like princess leia with a p infront
Im a pleia ass pimp for making this word up myself...thx star wars
by Jru August 17, 2003
Shafted, embarased
Tony hawk busted his shit and was a salty ass fool. (Also) You got salted. or Salt on you.
by Jru August 17, 2003
Large testicles
Steve Erwin from the crocadile hunter is the most ballsy person in the world
by Jru August 18, 2003

The act of urinating in a partners reamed asshole. The challenge lies in maintaining a flacid penis during the process as it is extremely arousing.
The door was shut, but when I opened it, I saw Sam honeypotting Charlie, he was making a mess everywhere, but Charlie seemed to be enjoying himself.
by JRu February 19, 2004
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