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2 definitions by Jozef

One who is:
-Horrible at a game, sux.
-Whines when he is killed.
-Screems "HAXHAXHAX" when he is killed multiple times.
-Acts superior to obviously more eliet players.
-Acts like he knows everything.
-Disses everybody he kills cheeply.
-Says and lies about his A/S/L.
-Jozef fragged n00b1 with Akimbo Five-Sevens
Jozef: i 0wnd u n00blet u suxorz s0 h@rd i 0wnd u lolololol!!!!111
by Jozef May 18, 2004
to beat someone violently with your fist.
i'm gonna job you in yo bidness
by jozef April 25, 2005