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A girl's name. Means LIGHT in Arabic.

Also means, bright, stunning, radiating beauty, intelligent, enlightened etc.

Arabic in origin but is also used in India and Pakistan.

Derived from the Arabic name Noor.
Nura is a name give to the most beautiful women in the world.

"This is my friend Nura."
"Wow. Nura by name, Nura by nature."
by umii January 23, 2008
An Arabic girl's name meaning LIGHT or BRIGHT, or beauty, illumination, wise, grace.
Originates from the name Noor.
I'm gonna call my baby Nura.
by Urno January 04, 2008
My girl and the sunshine of my life, I love her to death. Ba7ibbik ya habla!!
Having Nura in my life is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
by UrDavid September 10, 2006
someone commonly loved by men starting wiht the letter M
Hey michael loves NURA.

Hey Nura is being hit on by Miles.
by platypiealsdkjfh June 12, 2011
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