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To screw something up or do something utterly retarded
"Jughed got arrested for Drunk in public, and Harassment"

"Yeah he totally jugged it"
by Jour-Hadique April 29, 2005
A young person who asks to many questions, most of which are stupid
Vince: Man, Brett asked me another fucking question today
BD: Yeah that dude is such a fuckin moyock
Jon: Yeah, we might as well call him Moyock Moyockerson
by Jour-Hadique June 05, 2007
The equivilent of getting served, but with alcohol involved in some way.
Steve: I got so fucking wasted last night
Tim: Yeah man you got cocktailed
by Jour-Hadique December 04, 2005
a person on the rank of Brett Zakeosian
Christ Brett you don't know what a Moyock is? You truly are a fuckin Moyock
by jour-hadique March 26, 2007
Having weak sauce means that you are weak sauce
For it is Rebean who has the weakest sauce of them all
by Jour-Hadique April 29, 2005

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