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A unique, beautiful, creative fashionista with gorgeous eyes and a mind for souls.
"Wow, did you see that Isadora walk by in that outfit?"
"Yeah, fierce!'
"Well, yeah, didn't you hear me? I said, Isadora!"
by Kitzabelle February 03, 2010
A description in three words: she is adorable!
Person 1: Oh who is that girl in the flowery dress?

Person 2: I don't know, but she isadora-ble!
by Izzadorah February 06, 2010
A bitchy whore. All this slut thinks about is sex and she would be happy to do it with a large group of guys. people named this can't speek english very well. they usually let strangers give them coopers also.
she is such an isadora
by bill franksonsmithish November 08, 2010
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