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A small stick that nerds insert into a computer to save their video games, emulations, nude files, etc.

Also a form of weapon used by the nerd in dire times of need.

Also called "nerd switchblade"
John: " get back, or ill stick you with my 4gb flash drive! "

Sam: " okay, that pig sticker cant do anything anyway -_- "
by Jordan Shan March 14, 2008
An annoying little kid at the top of his/her school who thinks they are the best and are extremely annoying. It is the stage of a kid before highschool before they become actually what they think they are.

If an 8th grader thinks he is an emo, he is a wannabe emo, and so on. When they transition to highschool, they actually become what they thought they were.

8th graders are actually all nerds that annoy everyone.
Sam: " Stupid 8th grader walked on our highschool campus and got in a fight. And, yah, he totally got destroyed "

Aaron: " What did they do to him? "

Sam: " Put a foot so far up his butt he had to eat leather for breakfast "

Aaron: "stupid kid "
by Jordan Shan March 14, 2008
The spanish version of Google, used for those mexican and spanish people who need a good search engine.

Also pronounced "El Google"
Sam-" Dude, now i can find online stores that sell mexican candy using ElGoog! "

Garret-" And you can buy a Brazilian mail-order bride! "

Sam- >.< " oh yesssss "
by Jordan Shan March 13, 2008

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