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Can also use particular sport, like baseball husband, soccer husband, etc. Is like work husband only refers to a sports figure for whom one has the hots.
Watching Tim Lincecum pitch makes me wet. He's my sports husband.
#sports star #fantasy #lover #boyfriend #husband
by Jools Julie April 04, 2011
An altered, dizzying state of mind, worse than being drunk, caused by an impossible, narcissistic, borderline personality, etc. female coworker. It's worse than being drunk as one never gets the chance to sober up due to the non-stop self serving drama emitting from this woman, commonly known as a cunt, Cuntessa or cuntface.
"Was Misty at the staff meeting?"
"Yeah, and she cunted everyone with her bullshit!"
#ripped #dazed #shattered #floored #gobsmacked
by Jools Julie October 01, 2013
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