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Verb- To idealize any objective and pursue it relentlessly. While blindly ignoring friend's advice, logical signs, and rationality. In the end, it most likely is not worthy of pursuing.
"Damien- "I have to keep pursuing her forcefully until the bitter end."
Jon-"Dude you given her everything"
Damien-"Not everything, not yet"
Jon-"You need to stop Gatsby-ing Damien"
by Jonny_23_Athlete June 09, 2013
That euphoric feeling after making an excellent golf shot. Can range from a crooshed straight drive, to a heat-seeking long distance putt.
After a crooshed straight drive

"Good ball Johnny"-Seanzirelli

"Thanks bro, that drive just gave me a golf-gasm".-Johnny
by Jonny_23_Athlete August 04, 2014

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