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UNCAP short for uncapturable. The UNCAP is a point (flag) which may not be captured and (thus uncapturable) by the other team. The UNCAP is often the spawn area in a Conquest or Domination type multi-player game within a First Person Shooter (FPS) which has other points (flags) which can be captured by either team.
Hey Jonny, spawn at the UNCAP, get the tank and bring it to Bravo.
by JonnyHodgie August 24, 2010
Staying in an enemy’s UNCAP (FPS Game) for the purpose of killing enemies as they spawn.

This is a great advantage obviously, and a tactic used by many a douche canoe.

Often used by complete nubs who have absolutely no life whatsoever and should play video pong so they feel special
UNCAP Camping (Raping) will not be tolerated! You will be kicked or banned!
by JonnyHodgie August 28, 2010

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