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In Europe, this day is celebrated on 22nd July. Pi used to be calculated in Ancient Greece as a fraction loosely calculated as 22/7.
Hey Joe, are you going to be having Pizza Pie or Apple Pie to celebrate this year's Pi Day?
by Jonathan FeBland March 14, 2007
Website-ophile. A lover of websites.
i) My new webdesigner is a real webiste. It's seriously helpful having such a good pro on board.

ii) Some sites are quite plain and simple, but to understand some of the complex ones that use Flash animation for example, you have to be a bit of a webiste.
by Jonathan FeBland April 30, 2007
This neologism started off life as a typo but I believe it deserves a better fate. Webiste claims 930,000 Google hits in April, 2007 which means that it now deserves to be taken seriously. The meaning I feel that best suits the word is "a lover of Websites" i.e. a Website-ophile.
I've worked with half-a-dozen Web-designers before, but I have to say that Joe is a real Webiste and I'd never work with anyone else on a project again.
by Jonathan FeBland April 22, 2007
Shaped like a Potato. Potato-shaped.
i) That guest-lecturer we had in last week was rather Shpereicfic.

ii) "Potatoes, Shmotatoes." "True, but anything with a Shpereicfic shape gets my vote!"
by Jonathan FeBland April 30, 2007
A cross between spaghetti and linguine. Thinner than spaghetti but not so thin as linguine.
I just had a very tasty spinguine bolognese for lunch; now I'm going to get a frappuccino to round things off.
by Jonathan FeBland January 21, 2007
£2.50 Two Pounds and Fifty pence in modern parlance. In 'old money' 2/6 two shillings and sixpence = twelve-and-a-half 'p', but with the rise of inflation, half a crown has more of a resonance with £2.50p
Hey Malcolm, can I have half a crown to cover your entry money for next year's Middlesex League?
by Jonathan FeBland July 10, 2008
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