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(adj. Etym.: from surface + factual) A fact that seems credible on the surface, but which upon a more thorough inspection reveal itself to be either

(a) an intentional misrepresentation of the truth as it is known, but not an outright lie; often used to present s.thing in a more positive light;

(b) a 'cheap' fact, that is to say, common sense dressed in jargon;


(c) a fact without references.
(a) At the manufacturing facility, the group of Japanese businessmen were presented with surfactual evidence of the efficiency at the plant, so as to augment and aid the CEO's persuasive, ceaseless sweet-talking. "We've got them now," he though to himself, and could hardly mask his glee.

(b) The client slapped the papers hard down on the table, all the while transfixing them with that terrible gaze. "No f***ing way I'm paying for this report! It's a poor derivative of a Wikipedia article - I've had it checked, you know! This, peppered with surfactual tidbits even a breastfeeding child knows to be mere fancy!"

(c) It's a well-known fact that Toxiplasma Gondii resides in the brains of between a quarter of and a half of the world's population.
by Jonas Laberg September 20, 2007
What keeps you from doing the real work. The adjective, derived, is Administractive
"Man, I'm about to go nuts! I just can't seem to grind through the administraction and simply get on with the experiments!
by Jonas Laberg September 20, 2007
The fuzzy-edged bureaucracy that complexifies and restricts every interaction between citizen and government, or indeed between any entities within any hierarchy, organisation, network or concept related thereto.
"Heeeey, how are you?"

"Hey! Good, mate, yourself? Did you get your paperwork yet?"

"Man, I'm telling you: I've queued, added all up, in the last three weeks, for seventeen hours. I've been sent from public office to public office, to gather increasing amounts of paper with my photos attached to them, smudged with stamps by angry, fast-talking Catalan women who don't like guiris, only begrudgingly performing her function when she's assured herself that I carry three (3) certified copies of every form I've accumulated so far! But do you think I'm through the Spanish administriction yet?"

"Uh.. I'm guessing no?"
by Jonas Laberg September 20, 2007

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