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The fuzzy-edged bureaucracy that complexifies and restricts every interaction between citizen and government, or indeed between any entities within any hierarchy, organisation, network or concept related thereto.
"Heeeey, how are you?"

"Hey! Good, mate, yourself? Did you get your paperwork yet?"

"Man, I'm telling you: I've queued, added all up, in the last three weeks, for seventeen hours. I've been sent from public office to public office, to gather increasing amounts of paper with my photos attached to them, smudged with stamps by angry, fast-talking Catalan women who don't like guiris, only begrudgingly performing her function when she's assured herself that I carry three (3) certified copies of every form I've accumulated so far! But do you think I'm through the Spanish administriction yet?"

"Uh.. I'm guessing no?"
by Jonas Laberg September 20, 2007
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