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6 definitions by Jon Jonz

some one who is a worthless scumbag.
Fred don't help out becuase he's a dirty dicl licker.
by jon jonz February 25, 2004
23 2
a fine female.
That girl over there is top notch candy crotch.
by Jon Jonz February 09, 2004
18 6
a large person that you consider to be a bitch.
Fat lonnie backed out the fight like a bitchox.
by jon jonz February 25, 2004
1 1
someone who takes crap off other people.
Hoe much shit you going take,you ole turd tumbler.
by Jon Jonz February 10, 2004
0 4
a little doggie that is happy to eat table scraps.
little scruffy gets scrap happy at dinner time.
by Jon Jonz February 09, 2004
6 10
A big jug headed tired old man,that takes a licking but keeps on ticking.
ole dippsie doodle is getting his rump kicked on machine eleven.
by jon jonz February 09, 2004
2 9