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3 definitions by Jole Flifl

An act of violence, brought about by running over a decorated Army man. While he is under the car, he punches his way through the floor of the car, grabs the male genitalia, stretches it out to an extreme length, then impales it onto a truck hitch. He then processed to leave, in the truck, with the male genitalia attached, further damaging any hope for future sex the male had.
My friend Vince, received a massive Flogger Hat in the Wal-Mart parking lot, while getting Grape Drank.
by Jole Flifl May 21, 2010
When something is indescribable, or out of the ordinary.
What the fuck, is another way of saying 'Bumble Bee Land'.
by Jole Flifl May 21, 2010
To have passionate sex. While in the shower. Normally anal.
I caught Vince shower shagging, with J.D, the family pet.
by Jole Flifl June 08, 2010