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When a girl is done giving head, the guy cums all over her face and then punches her in the nose so hard that she bleeds. The blood and semen mix together and create a mixture that looks similar to a Strawberry Daiquiri fruit drink.
Bro, after I was done with that hooker I gave her a Strawberry Daiquiri and got the fuck outta there.
#angry pirate #superman #fuck #hooker #whore
by making ice cream April 15, 2010
A grotesque mixture of menstrual blood and vaginal fluid, created when a female becomes sexually aroused during menstruation.
Rosemary was suprised to find a strawberry daiquiri in her pants after a trip to the porno theatre.
by Subnetmask September 09, 2004
While having sex with a girl who is on her period, you ejaculate on her face, giving her a sweet, somewhat tangy, mixture of menstrual blood and semen.
She wouldn't stop bitching so I made her a strawberry daiquiri.
#strawberry cheesecake #angry dragon #pink sock #salty pirate #donkey punch
by wes the pirate April 13, 2007
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