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1. a phrase used to describe an individual as fake, not real, overdone, and extremely glitzy;

an insult,

2. taken from Patrick Nagel, a well-known artist who reached his peak in the 80s and was well known for creating images of beautiful women that were reminiscent of art deco, characterized by clean lines and seductive poses, this art is often seen in beauty shops and nail salons.
"You're as fake as a beauty shop nagel!"
by JohnnyVonFurstenberger February 27, 2006
1. when a female looses her breasts, usually associated with extreme dieting, exercise or a lack of nutrition;

2. a phenomenon caused by starvation, where boobs die/disappear, and often come back to haunt the individual when weight is gained back.

3. a growing epidemic among celebrities in which busty bossoms have been replaced with concave chests.
"Nicole Richie has ghost boobs! Where did they go?"

"Ghost boobs are so hot right now." - anonymous celebrity with ghost boobs
by JohnnyVonFurstenberger February 26, 2006
1. to drive one crazy or absolutely mad

2. another version of the word bonkers
"That new kid is so cute that it drives me bonks!"
by JohnnyVonFurstenberger February 19, 2006
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