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4 definitions by Johnny john Johnsonson

A capsulian of a form of murderer that when faced with a dead body cuts open the lungs and sucks out the second hand air. While doing this the murderer proceedes to orgasm in his pants.
"You're mum sucks harder than a capsulian"
by Johnny john Johnsonson June 14, 2008
balls of shit that are frozen and used in the game of rufflesphere. Rupplesphere is a sex act where 10 rufflespheres are put up a females anus and then a male must try and find the balls using his hand. This is done in the fastest time possible.
"Dude, those malteasers look identical to the rufflespheres i found in your mom last night"
by Johnny john Johnsonson June 14, 2008
When a person has a full pack of crushed jacobs crackers shoved up thier arse until it is overflowing and then it is bunged with a cork. Then later on the cork is taken out over an unsuspecting, sleeping victims face.
"Johnny's little brother is sleeping over tonight, i think you should corkarse his face up at 3 in the morning"

"Im game for that"
by johnny john johnsonson July 28, 2008
When a guy takes so much viagra that there is such a surge of blood the penis that thelack of blood to the brain causes him to become unconcouis and his penis fills up with so much blood it explodes leaving a pale body drenched in blood.
"Mate, you ever heard of a red rush? Its fucking minging
by Johnny john Johnsonson June 14, 2008