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When you are having anal sex in the doggie style position while standing up you proceed to put your partner in a full nelson and jump forward into a belly flop.
The reason for my divorce is because I got really drunk and thought that it was a good idea to give the old lady a flying dutchman.
by Johnny Tats April 23, 2008
when you are having sex with a woman in the doggie style position with a wad of tobacco in your mouth put your spit cup on her lower back and take your dick out and dip it in the cup and then stick it up her ass
My date gave me this nasty black eye after her kentucky barn burner last night.
by Johnny Tats January 31, 2007
when someone, usually a man, takes such a nasty disgusting shit that a shower is needed when finished to feel clean again
I had a shower shit today from that mexican food last night.
by Johnny Tats November 13, 2007
to take a big fat massive shit...coined by Peter Griffin on Family Guy
Woman(Jennifer Love Hewitt's character): I can't believe you ordered a pie for an appetizer.
Peter: Don't worry I'll go fire one out in about 5 minutes and I'll be ready for dinner.
by Johnny Tats May 01, 2008
similar to an eskimo kiss, but instead 2 asses are rubbed together
After I violated the hell out of that bitch last night I gave her an asskimo kiss and fell asleep.
by Johnny Tats January 15, 2008
a term used to describe a persons mouth
That bitch needs to shut her word hole.
by Johnny Tats May 05, 2008
term used to describe Budweiser beer
Hey barmaid give me another bottle of redneck ballsweat.
by Johnny Tats December 13, 2007
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