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9 definitions by Johnny Cachinga

A woman's mouth.
Shut your bitchbox you irritating hobag.
by Johnny Cachinga March 07, 2003
Process of snorting lines of cocaine off a hooker's ass
Her father-in-law was greatly disapointed and commented on the less than desireable fact that his new son in law was found snowcracking a black gypsy midget hooker.
by Johnny Cachinga March 07, 2003
Closely related to a Choad ( a penis that is wider than it is long)
A Choadissimo is a person who personifies a Choad.
Jack, Ryan says you's a choadissimo.
by Johnny Cachinga March 07, 2003
A secretive, nefarious hacker that plays childish pranks on his friends and Managers
Who the fuck is Johnny Cachinga? Goddamnit who the fuck is this? Jack got an email from the CEO saying he's fired. Who the fuck is Johnny Cachinga damnit?
by Johnny Cachinga March 07, 2003
1. A name for a stinky Arab. -Less derrogatory than Towel Head or Camel Jockey but to the point and can be played off if offending someone back at the corporation.
That fucking Sandy Sandersand at the Chevron didn't give me all my change back. --Uh what, no I was looking for Sandy, you know Sandy Sanders --trail off into mumbling
by Johnny Cachinga May 23, 2003
A Twenty something Dot Com type that believes that he is actually intelligent enough to keep his floundering Internet Business alive while doing mounds of cocaine.
That dude that opened consumptionjunction.com is really impressed with himself, but he's just a fucking ehole.
by Johnny Cachinga March 07, 2003
1. Ultra Homo, Gayer than the TV show "Will and Grace"
2. A Lame Brain.
3. The most idiotic thing that has ever been uttered
Dude, why are you listening to that wannabe punk band Good Charlotte, they are Gay Gayerson.
by Johnny Cachinga March 07, 2003