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Something that is cool or rockin'
alicia,Beth,eilidh,music,ice-tea with swiss cannibas,food,alans icer,finlays parties,raindrops on roses,whiskers on kittens,brown copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,brown paper packages tied up with string,cream coloured ponies,crisp apple strudles,doorbells and sleighbells and schniptzel with noodles wild geese that fly with the moon on there wings,girls in white blue dresses with white satin sashes,snowflakes which stay on my nose and eyelashes,silver white winter which melt into springs,festivals,alcohol(please drink responsibly),dave grohls smile,laura,edelweiss,james brown,hot chocolate,when it rains outside and your inside nice and cosy watching a good dvd,when someone lives through a death situation,rocking out,dancing round a room singing to songs badly while someone is typing a definition to narley, just stuff like that, etc etc
by johnny b goode August 09, 2005
those lovely bouncy things infront of ladies.
tits are great i wish i had a pair
by Johnny B Goode June 03, 2003
Led Zeppelin, Arguably the best rock band ever, they did a little bit of everything and did it well. Their live performaces were the best, Robert Plant was vocals, Jimmy Page was lead Guitar, John Bonham did drums, and John Paul Jones was Bass Guitar.
How the West was won by, Led Zeppelin fucking rocks all albums out today, and they havent been a band for like 20+ years. That is just sad.
by Johnny B Goode October 03, 2003

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