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47 definitions by Johnny Chingas

An artist on narcotics.
First you take 5 crack hits, then you shoot up some skag, then you drink a quart of Scotch, and presto ! You're a nartist !
by Johnny Chingas January 13, 2004
An occasion when masturbation becomes necessary.
"So, you bastard, you were fuckin' two women at once again ?!!"
"Nope, it's always Palm Sunday at my place, baby.."
by Johnny Chingas May 02, 2004
OK, it could mean "MY nigra," but try this... any time you see a word with 2 identical consonants, try all 5 vowels (and y) in place of it. Like :
nazzle (Todd Rundgren's first band was called "The Nazz")
nuzzle You see ? At least one of the vowels will be already taken !!
Another one :
dangle : tempt with an object tied on a string
dengle : undefined, perhaps something Chinese ?
dingle : this is defined, but I don't know what it is.. an ornament ?
dongle : a computer part
dungle : here's my definition : a small piece of dung that dangles from rectal hairs. A "dingleberry" is more appropriately a "dungleberry."
by Johnny Chingas May 09, 2004
A large turd, and it's not left in the toiletsky too long.
Why did the boy thrust both hands in the toilet ?
Because it takes 2 hands, to handle a WHOPPER !!!
by Johnny Chingas March 23, 2005
An arch-villain who is usually in league with others of the same type. The names are pronounced in a loud, stentorian voice.
Commissioner, we think the Diddler might be involved here... and the Nippler as well !!
by Johnny Chingas January 13, 2004
A competition for severely handicapped, often mentally, members of that special (retarded) group (tweakers).
I can't make the karaoke session tonight, 'cause I volunteered to help out with the tweaker olympics.
by Johnny Chingas January 15, 2004
Well I guess the "achievement of erection"
in the male gender, but it can also represent a mental state, maybe in girls too, I dunno....
1) "Well, first ya git 'er down on 'er hands and KNEES.... Then ya reach around and grab a handful o' BOOB... Then see if ya don't get a hardon !!!

2) "Yeah, I'm just BitTorrenting some more John Holmes..."
"Dude, I have a total hardon for what you're doing !!!!"

3) "Wow, that was a HARD hardon !!!!"
by Johnny Chingas October 18, 2008