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Puerto Rican crack dealer.
Wha' hup, Enzo ? Holdin' some o' that cavvy ?
by Johnny Chingas May 02, 2004
A snootful refers to an excess of anything inhaled through the nostrils. I believe that "snot" is related to "snoot."
Aye, methinks that ye had a snootful last night, laddie !!!
by Johnny Chingas March 23, 2005
An exotic strain of cannabis sativa from, guess where ? Thailand !!
"The police in Glendale, California, raided a large party yesterday evening. Among the goods confiscated were alcoholic beverages, Quaalude, cocaine, and a substantial amount of a potent marijuana concentrate called Thai stick."
#dope #scag #weed #joint #spliff
by Johnny Chingas October 18, 2008
Verb meaning to butt-fuck. Used primarily in connotation with prison.
I pogeyed him in the wazoo-oo-ooh !!!
by Johnny Chingas May 02, 2004
When a teen carload gets pulled over for an open container violation.
Hey, Officer !! Looks like we got ourselves a "BEER BUST !!""""
by Johnny Chingas January 29, 2004
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