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What do you want to do?

Instant messaging slang.
<Chris> wwd?
<Tim> ioo
by Johnno31 August 23, 2008
Instant messaging slang.

Often, people misinterpret the meaining of nm. Nem is an alternative to nm, meaning "Never Mind" in order to
distinguish it from "Not Much".
<Chris> Are you an idiot?
<Tim> Pardon?
<Chris> nem
by Johnno31 August 07, 2006
You are too kind.

Instant messaging speak.

<Chris> b
<Tim> wb
<Chris> ty
<Tim> yw
<Chris> yatk
by Johnno31 August 06, 2006
I don't know.

Instant messaging slang. Usually follows a question.
<Chris> What time do you want to leave?
<Tim> ioo
by Johnno31 August 07, 2006
(I am going) "to the loo"

a means of expressing your wish to go to the toilet
Tim: toodaloo
Chris: gogogo
by Johnno31 August 23, 2008

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