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Korean way of saying Smooth
This alcoholic beverage goes down so smoos.

This is not rough; it is smoos.
by John Sim July 28, 2004
When something is pleasing to the ear and it is good news.

Antonym: Bad News
Person 1: "Dude, I won the lottery today!"

Person 2: "Smoos News!"
by John Sim August 04, 2004
A word to describe something miraculous and amazing to the awesomess extreme.
person 1: "hey, I climbed mount UCR!"

person 2: "Amazingments"

person 1: "I ate a lot of sushi and then I was so full I threw up"

person 2: "haha...amazingments"
by John Sim August 03, 2004
a reply to whenever someone says someone is attractive.
"hey that supermodel is pretty hot"

"you should bone her"
by John Sim August 04, 2004
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