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Warriorpeople which were ancestors to toadys scandinavians. Norwegians and Danes counquered northern France and England and Iceland while Swedes and some Finns conquered western Russia and the Baltics. Although most of these raids had vikings from all scandi nations, this was the main composition. And the Norwegian on this site that made the first note: Knulla din mamma.
"I hear that the Vikings are coming, dear?"

"He can´t hear you, I am called Olaf the Berzerker and I chopped his ears off."
by Johan November 25, 2004
The vilgilant President saw his secretary as a spy
by Johan March 06, 2003
stinky gayfoot for fucking me
harry gays with good foot
by johan April 06, 2003
orgininally created by shakespere, he used it as an adjective to describe egg-laying mammals, but over the centuries those damn germans stole the word and defined it as "one who eats poop" this is an outrage. People shouldn't be allowed to re define words. let me tell you about the time i was in china... They made up thousands of words defined them however they wanted to! what the hell is their problem? They should have abided to the elvish language of johan. blessed be his name.
"The vanshuegal just ate like a pound of POOP!!!!! why didn't he just go to the market and buy some detergeant?!?!?! i hate to see a man like that"
by johan May 30, 2003
its Tight and something thats pleasing
Your ride is hella kool
by Johan November 13, 2002

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