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Fatty tissue which one has from childhood, but will outgrow upon reaching physical maturity.
I'm glad you grew out of your baby fat, now you're a stone fox.
by Joey the Nifty June 06, 2004
A person who betrays a freind, like when Brutus stabbed Ceasar.
Brutus! This is the unkindest cut of them all. You backstabbing son of a bitch.
by Joey the Nifty June 06, 2004
The name of an American gangster who robbed banks, the name of a rapper, or a person who's posessed of baby fat about their face.
1.Babyface robbed my bank.
2. Babyface rapped in a Nike commercial once.
3. You have the most adorable babyface.
by Joey the Nifty June 06, 2004
A white woman who falls asleep while tanning, and thus is white on one side and brown on the other. Also, a white woman who prefers black men.
1. I look like such a mudshark, why didn't you wake me up?

2. I can't beleive that skinhead called me a mudshark.
by Joey the Nifty June 06, 2004
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