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One of the lesser known sexual taboos. Practiced mainly in Zambia, it consists of "dropping a deuce" into your partners mouth. Next, the "bomber" gags the their lover in an effort to trap the excrement. Finally, party A punches the victim repeatedly until they:
A) Swallow the feces, and/or
B) Pass out.

A common misconception arose when professional wrestling commentators mislabeled a "Brooklyn Bomb" as a "Batista Bomb." This has been acknowledged by the pair, Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield, in a highly-publicized press statement regarding the humiliating mistake.
Krystal and I had two hours till work, so i gave her a Batista Bomb
by Joey Orgler October 19, 2007
The gelatinous compound of Fromunda cheese and semen that is created when one masturbates excessively whilst disregarding personal hygiene. Commonly served atop crackers and crumpets in many of London's most prestigious dining establishments. Graded with names derived from several states in which it may be harvested, Spongy, Crusty or Damn Rotten, with correlating prices. It's sale and consumption has been disallowed in the United States, but "Ball-Shining" remains a common practice in the states of Alabama, Kentucky and Hawaii.
Have you ever dipped an Oreo in a hot bowl of Ball Chowder?

by Joey Orgler October 19, 2007
The act of snorting a line of cocaine off the shaft of an African-American's erect penis.
Shaniqua, Dontrell's deek gave me such a Harlem Hangover!
by Joey Orgler October 19, 2007
Ironically, this refers to the launch equipment used in Goatsex.
I used a fat dick to have Goatsex with Seabiscut.
by Joey Orgler October 21, 2007
Those big ass honkahs dat is attashed to da frun of evree bich n hoe in Ha'lem.
Did yall just see t3h b3wbz on dat HO? I could juss ****....
by Joey Orgler October 20, 2007
Ironically, this is the act of giving a thoroughbred horse a rimjob.
I just had some wicked hot Goatsex with Seabiscuit.
by Joey Orgler October 21, 2007
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