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When a weak little guy with a flaming tattoo gets banged in the ass and gets a scrawny little mustache with his own fecal matter (a variation of the Dirty Sanchez.
After they work out, Justin loves to give his friend a Dirty Joey to celebrate a job well done.
by Joe Smith September 01, 2004
weed eater can muffler 13.50's? huge ass aluminum wing 2.5 litter isn't that the size of a soft drink not a motor.
2 fast 2 furious
by JOE SMITH November 20, 2003
One who exhibits gay pride. The act of being gay. Not just "in the closet" gay but has to display a very flamboyant gayness that is normally seen at gayday parades or on "Will and Grace". A gayballer is also very promiscuous and will take it anywhere, anytime and from anyone.
Southwest Airlines executive:
"Male fight attendents are typically guilty of gayballing in that they all fuck each other from city to city in these mass gayballer slamfest orgies"
by Joe Smith November 18, 2003
A person of high rank who did not go to college.

From sailing days when officers who use to be deck hands were asked how they got there job they replied "I climbed up the hawsepipe" (hawsepipe: the pipe that an anchor rope passes through)
"How'd you get to be captain?"
"I'm a hawsepiper you P.O.S. college boy"
by Joe Smith September 17, 2004
A she wolf in heat during the mating season.
Boy that lupah can sure get it on!
by joe smith December 11, 2003
a jewish word used by crazy white indians of the black pursuasion
you broke the knob off krykin
by joe smith February 10, 2004
An Indian (from India).

From the way they bob their heads from side to side when they mean to say yes.

(The Indian head bob is similiar to the american nod, except from side to side instead of up and down)
Why does that "Head Bobber" keep telling me yes, he understands when he has no clue what I am saying?
by Joe Smith September 24, 2004

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