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when you keep wiping your ass because the shit paper is still dirty when you inspect it. You wonder when it will ever end and feels like it will be an eternity. It's like the eternal flame.
Hertz-(yelling toward the bathroom door): "Dude, what's takin' so long in there?
Walker-(firmly planted on the pot): "Give me a minute!"
Hertz: "Damn man, we're gonna be late. Pinch it off and let's go!"
Walker: "I've got the eternal wipe goin' dude!"
Hertz: "oh man...I've been there."
by Joe Bough October 07, 2006
Term used to refer to someone who has just done something stupid.
Jamie: "Ah no, I just sharted in my pants."
Ben: "Nice job Butt Pipe!"
Jamie: "I just missed the exit, and it's 50 miles to the next turnaround."
Ben: "You Butt Pipe!"
by Joe Bough September 27, 2006
When you burp and some liquid from the stomach ends up in your mouth. Term can be used as a noun or verb.
Noun: Pukeup- liquid from the stomach that comes up into the mouth when you burp.
Verb: Pukeup- to partially vomit but only as far as in your own mouth.
Jamie(after taking a big drink of Coca Cola and then burping): "Ewe."
Ben: "What happened, did you puke-up?"
Jamie(swallowing her puke-up): "Yes."
Ben: "Ewe...nice one butt-pipe!"
by Joe Bough October 08, 2006
A person with a big ass. Usually a guy. Term used between friends. A fat person.
"Hey Bucket Ass, come over here and help me lift this refrigerator"
"Jesus Christ Bucket-ass, are you really going to eat all that? Don't be afraid to throw a salad in every once in a while."
"Schmelton is a bucketass."
by Joe Bough September 23, 2006
Acronym for: Worst Game Ever.
When gaming online and you get slaughterered and you feel it may be the worst game you've ever played.
Pronounced: WIGGY
Swanny: That was awesome, I went 24 and O. Did you see me knife Sharpe in the back and then Teafrag him? He was like 15 of my 24 kills!
Julius Jr.: Damn Sharpe, 0 and 19! What happened?
Sharpe: WGE!
by Joe Bough March 04, 2008

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