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The act of a pre-emptive flush of the toilet BEFORE sitting down. Normally to ensure that the toilet will flush when needed and not back up. Usually performed when expecting a turd on exceptional volume and density, such as a bowl winder.
After that last bowl of chili, I decided to use a safety flush before I dropped a payload.
by Joe Blob October 07, 2005
Piece of cloth or clothing used to wipe the jism off one's belly after masturbating. Generally unwashed and stored under the bed, the foul towel develops an ungodly odor and becomes rigid after several uses. May be able to stand on it's own with enough use. Often used by a towel wanker. See also wank towel or gak towel.
I ran out of tissues, so I had to use my shirt as a foul towel.
by Joe Blob October 13, 2005
A smelly vagina. Smells like fish have been stored in there for years. See also fish.
I was horned up, so I hit her in the fish locker.
by Joe Blob October 07, 2005
The act of scratching one's own ballsack, then sticking the smelly fingers directly under the nose of an unsuspecting victim. Usually done as a sneak attack.
Mike pissed me off, so I felt he deserved a Brutus.
by Joe Blob October 04, 2005

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