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Redneck Version of "Windows". The glassy things that you can normally see through that fill in some of the big holes in the walls of you house or mobile home. The other things are called doors.
Cletus cleaned the winders to ours new trailer.
by Brian November 05, 2003
A winder is a window.
Originating from the American South.

"Look out that there winder BillyJoe at that there UFO LOLZ!"
by Jimmy January 07, 2005
1.Person who takes it up the ass from a phenomonon known as "Teh quota", and "Teh Eldridge"

2. A fucking moron.
1. Man, that Winder sure is a little whiny bitch.

2. Gah, more rules? Damn you Winder!
by Suck it December 08, 2004
Another word for a blowjob. It is a more respectful way to say it. And you can say it in a public place without offending anyone
"Hay, you know Samantha right?"
"yay i know her, why?"
"she gave me a winder last night
by Fil.Phill February 05, 2011
Abbreviation of 'Sidewinder'
Abbreviation of wordSidewinder
1. In tenpin bowling, a gutter ball.
2. A person who is well-known for often sending down such gutter balls.
(Also: Sidewinder, Winder)
Oh no, another Winder. Maybe Sidey should try bowling like Special.
by Davo October 13, 2003

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