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a WUL whore
my god dont be a silvio!
by joe August 04, 2003
Is a person who practices ano-sex on dead animals.
When a male shoves his penis up a dead animals ass and pretends its another male or a female.
by Joe April 05, 2005
gay rabbi, adopted tomba the gay robot when he was just a wee bolt
U had sex with bushka the gay rabbi
by joe March 24, 2005
Quite a rare speciment indeed! When one sticks a straw up a girls vaginal area and sucks all the liquid out! IT is very done correctly, but when done by the masters it will give the girl a tingly feeling!
Man i milk shaked that girl dry!
by joe April 27, 2004
A term that is used by some bands to gain more fans. Also used by some people who dont know music for shit and label bands the wrong way. For more information see gay
Hey check out this band Lamb of god, there metalcore. fuck you, no there not. There thrash metal
by joe March 26, 2005
when person A proceeds to give what person B thinks is a blowjob, then simply holds the head of the penis in her/his mouth and proceeds to jerk person A off without actually doing anything with their mouth but holding the penis in it.
I was so happy that chick was finally gonna suck my dick then the bitch pulled a head fake on me.
by Joe December 10, 2004
A company that sells DJ supplies such as Mixers.
"Nice! Check out that Gemini Mixer!"
by Joe June 17, 2003

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