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when person A proceeds to give what person B thinks is a blowjob, then simply holds the head of the penis in her/his mouth and proceeds to jerk person A off without actually doing anything with their mouth but holding the penis in it.
I was so happy that chick was finally gonna suck my dick then the bitch pulled a head fake on me.
by Joe December 10, 2004
emo and hardcore music combined. some of the good newer bands include old underoath (not this new hardcore pussy shit, they were better when they had dallas), thursday, from autumn to ashes, silverstein, thrice, alexisonfire and some of the older bands include hot cross, saetia, and the kodan armada.
"hey man are you going to the sum 41 show later?"
"fuck no man, that shit is pussy. im going to the underoath show!"
by joe March 16, 2005
A term that is used by some bands to gain more fans. Also used by some people who dont know music for shit and label bands the wrong way. For more information see gay
Hey check out this band Lamb of god, there metalcore. fuck you, no there not. There thrash metal
by joe March 26, 2005
It's actually where you get a girl to swallow a load of semen, then you punch her really hard in the stomach and she throws up on ur dick.
Ya that bitch was suckin my dick so hard but she bit it, so i gave her a grumpkin...and she puked out her lunch.
by Joe February 28, 2005
Putting saran wrap over a chick's cooch while going out on her as to not get the nastyness on ur face in the process
I had to use a dental dan she was so nasty down there
by Joe February 06, 2004
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